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"No mud, no lotus."


What to expect

I have the ability to tap into levels of awareness beyond what most people see and understand. I often explain it by saying it is like I have an “antenna” that tunes into frequencies that others are unable to access. During your session with me, I tune into your “channel” to receive information and guidance for you.

Before we speak, you email me a few photos of yourself and anyone you want to discuss. I sit with your photos before and during the session and connect to higher realms and a higher consciousness. I use my clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and my claircognitive (knowing) abilities to tune into what’s going on now and what is coming up for you. I see images and receive messages about you and your loved ones and other helpful information and guidance.

If you are not having a session at my office, I will contact you at the scheduled time. I prefer to work over the phone, zoom, or FaceTime with no video. I usually start your reading by sharing whatever information comes to me. This varies greatly from person to person, since everyone has different life circumstances. I may discuss your emotional state, places you are stuck, unresolved childhood issues and traumas, career and relationship challenges and suggestions, and untapped talents that want to be expressed. During your session with me, I will almost always give you clear and practical ways to help free you from various blocks and limitations and suggest ways to move forward. 

I tailor the session to your specific needs and questions. If you want to focus on your love relationship, or lack of one, then we will discuss what’s going and the next steps for you to take. If you have issues with your children or career, I will focus on ways to help. Perhaps you are stuck in negative behaviors and patterns that prevent you from living the life you want for yourself and would like guidance on how to free yourself from these restraints. Or, maybe you aren’t looking for anything in particular, but just want a reading to see what shows up for you. Most sessions are a blending of these things. I concentrate on what and whom you need guidance about, or what you want me to focus on that day.


"I signed up for Dannah’s session and was excited to hear what she had to say about me from just seeing 3 photos of me. I was completely blown away and amazed how precisely Dannah described my strengths, talents etc. Dannah’s readings are uplifting, empowering, confirming my intentions and dreams of my life and that I am on the right track. Dannah’s readings are like getting a scan at the doctors: she precisely described my struggles and how and why I sabotage myself and stop myself from being who I truly am. I warmly suggest for everybody to sign up for Dannah’s session, it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself."

- Gita Gavare, Artist, Copenhagen, Denmark