Past Life Regression

Past life regression is the process of healing your soul by healing the past. We all carry memories from our past lives into this one. These past life experiences still continue to influence and affect us in both positive and negative ways.


During a Past Life Regression Session you will explore your prior lifetimes. By making these memories conscious, you can release the patterns that no longer serve you, freeing you from painful cords to the past that hold you back and prevent you from living fully in the present. What surfaces is often truly miraculous and amazing and can help you to heal your life. 

I was trained by Brian Weiss and use his process which includes guided relaxation and guided imagery techniques that bring you into a state of consciousness where you can more easily access these memories. I pair this with my intuitive abilities, and guide you in the process for maximum integration, understanding and healing. The session is active. I do not tell you your past life, but rather you experience, see it, sense it, and/or feel it yourself.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Through this process many people:

  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life trauma
  • Gain a greater awareness of your life purpose
  • Release past life traumas that are at the root of current physical problems
  • Explore Karmic patterns which involve spiritual lessons
  • Transform and release blocks and behaviors that hold you backUnderstand and heal dark feelings and images that just don’t seem rooted in this life  
  • See your relationships in past lives with current family members and friends. This can create an  understanding and healing for current dynamics that can free and improve these relationships
  • Energize talents and abilities from the past

"Working with Dannah was very therapeutic and I feel much lighter knowing the information that I was able to access with her help. With her help I was able to unlock past life doors that I would not of been able to experience with out her intuitive gifts. I felt safe with her and she was a very comforting person to be with when I was having such an emotional experience. 

She is amazing and her gifts can change your life for the better."


- Evey Trautman, Beacon NY