I am almost always able to make a connection with your loved ones in spirit. However, I usually prefer to do this as a part of a reading and not for the entire session.

If you want to spend an entire session only connecting with those in spirit and not receive any of the other guidance I offer — you might want to seek out another medium. If, as a part of your reading, you would like me to also try to contact your loved ones in spirit, let me know beforehand and I will set aside appropriate time to contact your loved ones during your session. I have extensive mediumship training including Advanced Mediumship with Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Sharon Klingler, and Janet Nahovec.


"Dannah was able to connect with my grandfather who has passed, whom I was very close with. What she shared brought me to tears immediately and I knew he was there giving her the message to share with me. My session with Dannah was awesome, reassuring, and eyeopening. I’m highly recommending her to my friends and clients."

- Sheila Viers, CA


"Dannah was spot on, her accuracy was haunting. I was comforted hearing  messages from my loved ones, stunned at the memories that came through, and hopeful about what options may lie ahead in the future. I felt safe and inspired. Dannah is the real deal!"


- Tracy Christian, Documentary Filmmaker, Woodstock, NY

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