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Dating Guidance & Online Matchmaking

Dating Guidance

Show me photos of the people you’re dating or anyone you’re interested in and I will let you know how compatible I feel you are, what the dynamics will likely be, and whether the relationship has any real future potential.

"I'm Not In A Relationship, But I Want To Be In One" Guidance

Sometimes people can’t seem to find or stay in a relationship. Others keep attracting the wrong people. If either of these sounds like you, let’s talk. I am very effective at providing clear and direct guidance on what’s holding you back and getting in your way, and helping you create a path towards a healthy, loving relationship.

Online Matchmaking Guidance

"So many faces on these dating websites. I wish someone could help me pick out the good ones!”  

I know…it’s really difficult to choose from amongst the many photos. You get a picture and a paragraph and everyone presents their "best self”. Some look and sound good, but are they really who they say they are? It’s a lot of time and effort to go out and meet them all. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could scroll through your choices on a phone call with you and accurately pick out the best matches? That is exactly that I do! 

In these sessions I look through, assess, and identify the people that I intuit as your best matches. I will let you know which of them might be a good and true partner, and whom you are likely to have great chemistry with. I will also let you know who I feel might have, for example, commitment or trustworthiness issues, or those who simply might not be compatible with you. I will share who I believe will be your best prospects, and get you on your way. To schedule, book a 45-minute session and let’s find the person your looking for! 


"When I felt ready for a new relationship, I decided to try online dating. I found the process very time consuming and overwhelming. I booked a session with Dannah and she looked over the photos of my matches and gave me quick feedback on each one. I started dating the only man she had a very strong “Yes” to. So far we have been very compatible and what she said about him and about us is proving to be true!"

- Aileen Gural, Jewelry Designer, Woodstock, NY

Psychic Guidance & Intuitive Counseling