Its Spring and the birds are chirping..Are you?


I’m writing this at 450’s springtime here in Woodstock, which means the birds in the trees right outside my window are out there excitedly chirping loudly. A little too loudly as far as I am concerned! They’re so excited to announce a new day has begun and most eager to be a part of it! 

Some days we feel like they do. Excited about what we are doing and feeling that our life is going well. We are in spring. Blooming with possibility. Colorful. Hopeful. Alive. 

And yet other times, emotionally, we are smack in the middle of a cold and dark winter. We don’t wake up with energy or a song to sing. Perhaps, we feel bleak and hopeless. Colorless. Resigned to our desolate dark days. 

When my clients come to me in their dark times, when their relationships are broken or ending, their health is compromised, they have major career challenges or they feel lost, depressed and empty -  I often can see and feel wonderful changes and possibilities coming up for them and share intuitive guidance and helpful suggestions that I receive for them to help bring them back into the light. 

I think it’s easier to go through these difficult periods when we understand that we will sometimes have " dark and stormy emotional winters" and that we need these cycles…these times where we need to pull back, to nurture and warm our souls, hibernate and reflect. Wait out an intense storm. 

Our higher self-needs to experience “winters” and even chooses certain challenges in order to grow as a soul and deepen our human experience. Some winters are harsher and longer than others. But In one way or another, there will always be spring. 

Love & Light,