Can knowing your future harm your present?

Dannah Chaifetz Psychic Readings

When most people find out I am psychic the first question they ask is "Tell me my future" or "Will I marry the guy I am dating?" I often have strong feelings about an event in the future or if a relationship will last, and when I do,  I tell my clients. And yet sometimes, when I reach out to receive an answer… I get silence. No chills. No visions. No feelings. No knowing. Nothing. I get nothing at all. At first this bothered as I felt I was simply not able to access the information. And then I received the answer… 

Let’s say you’re dating somebody and are totally crazy about them. You’re falling in love and thinking for sure they are "The One".  You tell your family and friends, "This is it". For the first time, you’re open and generous and vulnerable because you think this is the last stop on the relationship train for you.  In this relationship, you learn how to love openly, how to be vulnerable both emotionally and sexually and how to really be a loving caring, non-game playing couple. This person helps you to feel secure in a way you never did before and more comfortable with your body. Perhaps they introduce you to someone who is pivotal in your in career growth, or somehow help you to define what you want to be doing in your life right now. They might introduce you to painting or poetry or traveling or open your eyes to something that gives you tremendous joy and pleasure. This is a rich and meaningful relationship that changes you in many positive ways. 

What you later find out is that it’s expiration date is exactly 22 months. Now, if when you asked me three months in, about the longevity of this partnership, and my guides told me that in 22 months, things will shift and turn sour and you will break up… and, if I then told you that…How committed and open would you really be to this person? If you knew in the third month of dating someone that it was going to be over in less than 2 years - You might think to yourself, "Why waste my time with this one? I need to find my life partner and move on." Or, If you decided to hang out with them until someone else showed up who might be the one, it is very likely that you would show much less commitment, openness and willingness to be vulnerable. This would prevent you from experiencing the growth, love and connection that you shared and that was able to expand your mind, body and soul. 

Sometimes people are a stepping stone, preparing us on the way to something even better. But, if we knew this in advance, we may not stay long enough, or commit deep enough, to learn and receive the gifts and blessings of that relationship. Knowing the outcome would prevent us from living fully in the present and experiencing what "right now" has to offer us. 

Sometimes knowing the future is helpful and in those cases, I receive messages about what is likely to come up for you. Other times, we are just meant to experience "the now" without any knowledge of whats to come. 

I trust my intuition and my guides and I believe that I always receive the appropriate information for my clients. I am grateful to receive and share messages from the higher realms that give my clients clarity, peace of mind and direction for the NOW and usually that is exactly what they need to move forward to create the best future possible. 

The challenge and the blessing is to live fully within each moment and breathe in today regardless of the outcome— be confident that whether an experience or a relationship has your perceived desired outcome — it may just be the experiences you need to help you to grow and to prepare you for what's to come.