This Halloween, Here's How to Contact Your Loved Ones on the Other Side


Would you like to try, totally on our own, to contact your loved ones who have passed on? If this is something you have been wanting to do or even just thinking about… Halloween is really the best time of the year to give it a try! 

Most of us think of Halloween as a holiday for kids, costumes and candy. But it was originally a festival that celebrated those who died and the world of the supernatural. The Celts used the term "Samhain" ( pronounced “Sow-wen" ) and the pagans still do. It was a unique time to make contact with the dead and to show them our respect, and admiration.

As an Intuitive Psychic Medium, I receive messages and guidance for my clients every day from the spirit realm. And I can tell you that on Halloween, and the week leading up to it, the veil between this world and the spirit world is definitely the thinnest! 

It really is when the world of the living and the world of the spirits are closest together. Which is why it's an amazing time to give and to receive readings and also a powerful time for you to try to contact your loved ones on your own!

I like to compare giving readings and accessing information from the spirit realm to talking on a cellphone.  Some conversations are crystal clear - I know who is speaking and exactly what they're saying. Other times, there can be some static on the line or even a dropped call.  Sometimes I get the message, but it’s not clear who's on the other end. Perhaps I get the first letter of a person's name, or maybe what they look like.. but not their name. 

But during the last week in October, and especially on Halloween, the “reception ” to the spirit realm is very clear and the channels of communication are much more easily accessed. For those of you who usually can't get a signal, this can create special opportunities for you to be able to hear or to feel a little something from the other side! 

 So.. if you want to contact your loved ones who have passed on….Halloween is the perfect time to “call” on them for their guidance and wisdom or just for them to let you know that they are watching over you.. because they are.

Here then, are my suggestions for you:

The week of Halloween, set an intention about whom you'd like to make contact with. Say out loud something like: “This week I really want to connect and contact you, Mom. I love and miss you and I’m hoping you’ll send me signs or somehow let me know you’re around me.” 

Try creating a little alter, a place for you to set their photograph, and anything you have that belonged to them. Include anything you feel is sacred or connects you to them, or that connects you to Spirit or to God. Put a candle there, light it and sit and think about them for a few minutes each day. Say aloud or to yourself that you want to connect with them and ask them for a signal so you will know they are there. 

As Halloween approaches, and especially on Halloween, increase your efforts..You might ask them to change the direction of the candle flame, or flicker the lights. But be open to whatever presents itself as a sign. Each spirit has different abilities to control and manipulate energy. Some work with lights, others with sound or scents or moving objects.  They may come through as a bird at the window that seems especially focused and interested in making eye contact with you!

Pay attention to any songs that have a connection to them in some way and notice if you keep hearing that song being played. You might even suddenly smell their perfume or scent. Be mindful of suddenly seeing pennies or coins in your path. 

You can ask them to come to you in your dreams —this is a very real and easy way for our loved ones to meet with us.

Try writing down your favorite memories of them, something you learned from them, or ask a question you want guidance on,  or an answer to. And then keep writing and see if anything comes through your own writing, almost as if they are writing through you - and using your hand and pen to do so. This is called automatic writing. 

Ask them a question you would like guidance on and see if during the day something presents itself to you that is an answer to that question. 

Try any, or all of these ways to help you to reach your loved ones and for them to try to reach you. It’s important to stay aware and open and positive.  You may be amazed at all the signs and signals your loved ones in spirit send your way during this magical and mysterious time! 

And should you want guidance and a reading with me during this special time when the veil is at its thinnest— You can set up a session with me right here on my website.  

Love & Light,