Having Trouble Finding Love and Meeting Your Soulmate? Try This!


I am a Psychic Intuitive Counselor, who helps people with their relationships, and sometimes, with their lack of one.  My clients often ask me, "Why can't I meet somebody?"  "When will I find my soulmate ?"  and,  "Am I destined to be alone?"  Many people are quite actively trying to bring in the love they are hoping for. Some use online dating sites while others say affirmations, read about manifesting, and optimistically create visions boards. There are those who pray to God, or to their Angels and Guides, or perhaps to their Mom or Dad in spirit. They ask them to help them to meet their soul mate or even to just find a good solid partner.

Still,  they cant seem to find love. And they come to me asking why? When? And will they ever find love?  Sometimes, I say, "Yes! I feel he or she is very close to you...very close ! " --  But there is a big obstacle these days when it comes to people connecting with one another.

Here's what's happening..The Universe hears them. Their guides and angels, and loved ones in spirit heard their prayers to help them find love. And they conspired, and planned and plotted to get them together with a wonderful partner. And finally, they're able to make it all happen. Divine forces helped to get these two souls together at last. They may be sitting next to each on a plane. Or perhaps they're both at the same coffee shop at the same time everyday. Or they both wait at the bus stop each morning on their commute to work. And there they are..side by side. So close to connecting.. But neither one of them looks up from their phone! They are both so busy reading emails or checking Social Media that they miss their opportunity for a real life interaction and the opportunity to discover a new love that is literally right in front of them!

Sometimes I see issues from a client's past that blocks their ability to be in a healthy relationship. And when I do,  we work through this during their session. But other times the guidance I receive for them is very simple...Look up from your phone! Make eye contact, smile or say hello to someone who looks nice and you who are attracted to. Be present and pay attention to who is around you. The opportunity for love is often right there in front of you, just waiting to be discovered. If you're having challenges in your relationship or having trouble finding one - Let's talk - a session with me can set you on the path to finding the love you want and deserve. 



Having Trouble Making Decisions?  Here's 3 Powerful Ways To Ask Your Guides For Answers


Decisions can be hard to make. Every choice has consequences and clients often come to me looking for answers because using my psychic and intuitive abilities, I can easily connect with the guides and higher consciousness and receive information for them. But all of us have access to our guides and angels. And yes, that means you do too!  

We all can connect with our intuition and our guides.  Our spirit guides help us and guide us all the time without our ever even knowing it. And when we’re able to make contact and have access to our guides, they will answer our questions and share guidance in truly magical and powerful ways. 

There are many ways to get answers. I have chosen three I like and invite you to try them out and see which ones resonate for you! They may take practice and a little time to cultivate — so be patient and know that your spirit guides truly want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them! Even more so, since helping you is their purpose! 

If you’re not feelin’ it after the first few tries, don’t be discouraged. Stay relaxed and patient. This may take some practice and cognizance. And, try to be open minded… Don’t have a preconceived idea about what “contact” might look like. I literally thought I would hear them speaking in my ear — and although my whole life I received chills indicating a “yes”  — I was expecting a different sign and so for a long time these tangible and real communications were not properly acknowledged. 

1. Pay Attention to Your Feelings

One way you can receive answers from your guides and your higher self is by paying close attention to your feelings.  The expression, “ That gives me goose bumps “, “I have the chills” or “I got a pit in my stomach”,  are expressions that indicate to us whether something is a positive or negative action to take. 

During my readings, or when I ask for direction in making a decision about someone or something,  I often get a strong “chill” that confirms to me that I am making the right choice or sharing the right information. 

Where in your body do you have feelings of knowing? How does it feel to you when something feels right? How does it feel when something feels wrong? Often people will say, " I knew I shouldn't have done that" or " I just knew I should have listened to my instincts", or “I just knew he or she was or wasn’t right".  

Think back to how you felt when those "knowing" feelings presented themselves to you. Start to ask questions that you want guidance on and then pay attention to how you feel. In time you will learn to trust those feelings from higher consciousness and they will help you make your decisions.

2. Do a Mindless or Repetitive Task

Before you begin your chosen task, ask your guides, angels and higher self for guidance on the issue at hand.  Then commit to doing your activity and not thinking about the question.   Start your task of chopping veggies, folding laundry, peeling carrots, or any activity that’s repetitive and doesn’t require thought. As much as possible, focus on the task and try not to think of anything else. Wait and see if you receive an answer or an image of what to do.

3. The Traffic Light

When I am doing a reading I sometimes ask the guides to use the image of a traffic light to let me know if the answer is a “yes” or a “no” - a “stop” or a “go”, or sometimes, a “proceed with caution.” Ask your question and then ask your guides to show a color on the traffic light to indicate the answer. You need to first give them the parameters and symbols to use. Tell them what the colors mean  -  a green for yes, a red for no, and a yellow for proceed with caution:  Start to do this for little things and see how it goes. Then build up to bigger questions.

Your guides, angels and your higher self..they all want to help you make good choices. We are meant to have this connection, and you CAN cultivate it. So be patient, don’t think too hard, and have fun with it!  In the meantime, if you'd like some guidance and insights on next steps to take, I'm always here for a session. 

I'd love to hear how it goes for you. Let me know! 

Love & Light